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Principles of Risk Management and Insurance 14th GE George Rejda / Micheal McNama 9781292349749

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TITLE : Principles of Risk Management and Insurance George Rejda / Micheal McNamara / William Rabel

ISBN13 : 9781292349749




Redja’s Principles of Risk Management and Insurance provides an in-depth examination of major risk themes. Using rich and up-to-date content on the basic concepts of risk and insurance, and introductory and advanced topics in traditional and enterprise risk management, the text is relevant to a wide number of disciplines in the business realm.

Fully updated and revised, the 13th Edition now covers global topics ranging from natural disasters and terrorism, to domestic issues like the ever-evolving Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Reform. Principles of Risk Management and Insurance sets itself apart by placing primary emphasis on insurance consumers and blends basic risk management and insurance principles with consumer considerations, allowing students to apply basic concepts to their own personal risk management and insurance programs.

Table of Contents

1  Risk And Its Treatment

2  Insurance And Risk

3  Introduction To Risk Management

4  Enterprise Risk Management

5  Types Of Insurers And Marketing Systems

6  Insurance Company Operations

7  Financial Operations of Insurer

8  Government Regulation of Insurance

9  Fundamental Legal Principles

10 Analysis Of Insurance Contracts

11 Life Insurance

12 Life Insurance Contractual Provisions

13 Buying Life Insurance

14 Annuities And Individual Retirement Accounts

15 Individual Health Insurance Coverages

16 Employee Benefits : Group Life And Health

17 Employee Benefits : Retirement Plans

18 Social Insurance

19 The Liability Risk

20 Auto Insurance

21 Auto Insurance ( Continued)

22 Homeowners Insurance, Section I

23 Homeowners Insurance, Section II

24 Other Property and Liability Insurance Coverages

25 Commercial Property Insurance

26 Commercial Liability Insurance

27 Crime Insurance And Surety Bonds

Appendix A : Personal Auto Policy

Appendix B : Homeowners 3 (Special Form)