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Pratt's Essential Biochemistry GE Charlotte Pratt / Kathleen Cornely 9781119451129

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TITLE : Pratt's Essential Biochemistry Charlotte Pratt / Kathleen Cornely

ISBN13 : 9781119451129 



PAGES : 728


Pratt’s Essential Biochemistry, Global Edition aims to provide a solid foundation in biochemistry, presenting complete, up-to-date information while focusing on the practical aspects of biochemistry as it applies to human health, nutrition and disease. It presents a broad, but not overwhelming coverage of basic biochemical concepts that focus on the chemistry behind biology, structure-function relationships, transformation of energy and how genetic information is stored and made accessible. It relates these concepts to practical knowledge as well as providing many problem-solving opportunities to enhance skills.

Table of Content

Unit 1 Introduction

Chap 1 Chemical Basis of Life

Chap 2 Aqueous Chemistry

Unit 2 Biomolecules : Structure and Functions

Chap 3 Flow of Genetic Information

Chap 4 Structure of Proteins

Chap 5 Functions of Proteins 

Chap 6 How Enzymes Work

Chap 7 Enzyme Kinetics and Inhibition

Chap 8 Lipids And Biological Membranes

Chap 9 Transport Through Membrane

Chap 10 Biochemical Signaling

Chap 11 Carbohydrates

Unit 3 Metabolism

Chap 12 Metabolism and Bioenergetics 

Chap 13 Glucose Metabolism

Chap 14 The Citric Acid Cycle

Chap 15 Oxidative Phosphorylation

Chap 16 Photosynthesis

Chap 17 Lipid Metabolism

Chap 18 Nitrogen Metabolism

Chap 19 Mammalian Fuel Metabolism Regulation

Unit 4

Chap 20 DNA Replication and Repair

Chap 21 Transcription and RNA

Chap 22 Synthesis of Proteins