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Marketing Roger Kerin / Steven Hartley 16th ISE 9781265111946

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TITLE : Marketing Roger Kerin / Steven Hartley

ISBN13 : 9781265111946




Engagement. Leadership. Innovation. This market-leader remains the most rigorous, business-oriented title on the market! Translated into 10+ languages and supported by an extensive instructor resources package, Kerin 16e is up-to-date with additional emphases on social media, marketing metrics, financial aspects of marketing, and decision-making. Additionally, there is expanded coverage on social responsibility and sustainability topics such as privacy, social entrepreneurship, diversity, equity, inclusion, and environmental impact. The 16e continues its real-world focus with "Marketing Matters," "Making Responsible Decisions," "Insights about me," "Applying Marketing Metrics," "Integration of the Customer Journey" and "Building your Marketing Plan" features throughout.
Key marketplace changes related to the pandemic such as curbside pick-up, touchless payment, and delivery have been incorporated. Also featured is the growing trend toward purpose-driven brands through companies such as Bombas and Chipotle, as well as discussion of the many applications and implications of new and emerging technologies. 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Initiating the Marketing Process 

1. Creating Customer Relationships and Value through Marketing 

2. Developing Successful Organizational and Marketing Strategies 

Appendix A Building an Effective Marketing Plan 

3. Understanding the Marketing Environment, Ethical Behavior, and Social Responsibility 

4. Ethical and Social Responsibility  for Sustainable Marketing

Part 2: Understanding Buyers and Markets  

5. Understanding Consumer Behavior

6. Understanding Organizations as Customers 

7. Understanding and Reaching Global Consumers and Markets 

Part 3: Targeting Marketing Opportunities 

8. Marketing Research: From Customer Insights to Actions 

9. Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning 

Part 4: Satisfying Marketing Opportunities 

10. Developing New Products and Services 

11. Managing Successful Products, Services, and Brands 

12. Services Marketing

13. Building the Price Foundation

14. Arriving the Final Price

Appendix B : Financial Aspects of Marketing

15. Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains 

16. Retailing and Wholesaling 

17. Implementing Interactive and Multichannel Marketing 

18. Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing 

19. Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations 

20. Using Social Media and Mobile Marketing to Connect with Consumers 

21. Personal Selling and Sales Management

22. Pulling It All Together: The Strategic Marketing Process

Appendix C: Planning a Carrer in Marketing