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ISE Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building 11E Samuel Certo 9781265105303

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TITLE : Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building Samuel Certo

ISBN13 : 9781265105303




Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building helps students learn what it takes to be a successful supervisor in today's complex work world. The focus of this new edition continues the tradition of presenting useful tools and solutions for meeting present-day supervision challenges. In addition, the 11th edition furnishes students with an even richer mix of real-life examples that illustrate how modern supervisors handle contemporary problems. Carefully studying proven supervision concepts and their relationship to real-world, practical examples throughout this text will greatly enhance a student's chances of gaining success and personal rewards as a supervisor.

 Part one: What Is a Supervisor?
Chapter 1 Supervision: Tradition and Contemporary Trends
Chapter 2 The Supervisor as Leader

Part two: Modern Supervision Challenges
Chapter 3 Groups, Teams, and Powerful Meetings
Chapter 4 Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability
Chapter 5 Managing Diversity

Part three: Functions of the Supervisor
Chapter 6 Reaching Goals: Plans and Controls
Chapter 7 Organizing and Authority
Chapter 8 Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Creativity
Chapter 9 Ensuring High Quality and Productivity

Part four: Skills of the Supervisor
Chapter 10 Communication: Theory and Modern Media
Chapter 11 Motivating Employees
Chapter 12 Employee Challenges: Counseling and Discipline
Chapter 13 Managing Time and Stress
Chapter 14 Managing Conflict, Change, and Politics

Part five: Supervision and Human Resources
Chapter 15 Selecting Employees
Chapter 16 Providing Orientation and Training
Chapter 17 Appraising Performance

Appendix A Supervision Laws: Health and Safety, Labor Relations, Fair Employment
Appendix B The Supervisor's Career Path: Finding a Career That Fits