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9789670761619 Human Resource Management Maimunah

Human Resource Management Maimunah Aminuddin 9789670761619

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TITLE :Human Resource Management Maimunah Aminuddin

ISBN13 : 9789670761619




Human resource management has never been more important and more complicated. The world of work is changing. Anyone intending to work in a Human Resource Management Department or as a manager of a small firm needs to have a firm foundation in the essentials of human resource management. This comprehensive textbook is intended as a guide to students who look forward to a career in this field, as well as executives and managers who are already employed and find themselves responsible for human resource-related activities in their organization. The book covers the range of all human resource management functions, including recruitment and selection of staff, training, employee performance management, compensation options, improving productivity, industrial relations and, wherever relevant, an introduction to the employment legislation relating to these key areas.

Key Features Each chapter includes:

• An examination of the current status of the topic being discussed

• A glossary of important terms

• One or more case studies

• Discussion and assignment questions

• Model examination questions

• References and recommended reading material

Brief Table of Contents

1 An Overview of Human Resource Management

2 Recruitment, Selection and Induction

3 Training

4 Managing Employee Performance and Performance Appraisal

5 Payment Systems and Working Hours

6 Benefits and Rewards

7 Safety and Health at Work

8 Improving Productivity and Employee Commitment

9 Disciplinary Systems and Termination of Service

10 Industrial Relations