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Consumer Behavior 14th ISE David Mothersbaugh / Delbert Hawkins 9781260566482

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TITLE : Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy - David Mothersbaugh / Delbert Hawkins / Susan Kleiser

ISBN13 : 9781260566482




Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy builds on theory to provide students with a usable,strategic understanding of consumer behavior that acknowledges recent changes in internet, mobile and social media marketing, ethnic subcultures, internal and external influences, global marketing environments, and other emerging trends.Updated with strategy-based examples from an author team with a deep understanding of each principle's business applications, the fourteenth edition contains current and classic examples of both text and visual advertisements throughout to engage students and bring the material to life. Topics such as ethics and social issues in marketing as well as consumer insights are integrated throughout the text and cases. 

Table of contents

CHAP 1: Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy
CHAP 2: Cross-Cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior
CHAP 3: The Changing American Society: Values
CHAP 4: The Changing American Society: Demographics and Social Stratification
CHAP 5: The Changing American Society: Subculture
CHAP 6: The American Society: Families and Households
CHAP 7: Group Influences on Consumer Behavior
CHAP 8: Perception
CHAP 9: Learning, Memory, and Product Positioning
CHAP 10: Motivation, Personality, and Emotion
CHAP 11: Attitudes and Influencing Attitudes
CHAP 12: Self-Concept and Lifestyle
CHAP 13: Situational Influences
CHAP 14: Consumer Decision Process and Problem Recognition
CHAP 15: Information Search
CHAP 16: Alternative Evaluation and Selection
CHAP 17: Outlet Selection and Purchase
CHAP 18: Post purchase Processes, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Commitment