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9780357796375 Behavior Modification Miltenberger 7E

Behavior Modification Principles and Procedures 7E Raymond Miltenberger 9780357796375

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TITLE : Behavior Modification Principles and Procedures Raymond Miltenberger

ISBN13 : 9780357796375




Gain an understanding of human behavior, the factors that influence behavior and the strategies to change behavior with Miltenberger's BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: PRINCIPLES AND PROCEDURES, 7E. This precise, step-by-step, scientific approach introduces the underlying principles and then the procedures behind behavior modification. Numerous current examples from research, clinical practice and everyday life clearly illustrate key principles. This edition offers new content that explores topics such as verbal behavior and stimulus equivalence. Updated references highlight the latest research and developments from the field, while this edition's new learning objectives direct your attention to key material. You can also use new self-assessment exercises, application and misapplication exercises, practice tests and three practice quizzes at the end of every chapter to ensure your comprehension.

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Behavior Modification.
2. Observing and Recording Behavior.
3. Graphing Behavior and Measuring Change.
4. Reinforcement.
5. Extinction.
6. Punishment.
7. Stimulus Control: Discrimination and Generalization.
8. Respondent Conditioning.
9. Shaping.
10. Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus Control.
11. Chaining.
12. Behavioral Skills Training Procedures.
13. Understanding Problem Behaviors through Functional Assessment.
14. Applying Extinction.
15. Differential Reinforcement.
16. Antecedent Interventions.
17. Using Punishment: Time-out and Response Cost.
18. Positive Punishment Procedures and the Ethics of Punishment.
19. Promoting Generalization.
20. Self-Management.
21. Habit Reversal Procedures.
22. The Token Economy.
23. Behavioral Contracts.
24. Fear and Anxiety Reduction Procedures.
25. Cognitive Behavior Modifications.