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An Introduction to Combustion: Concepts and Applications 4E ISE - Stephen Turns 9781260575521

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TITLE : An Introduction to Combustion: Concepts and Applications 4E ISE - Stephen Turns / Daniel C Harwoth

ISBN13 : 9781260575521  




An Introduction to Combustion" remains unique in its niche as an introductory-level textbook that is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students and for practicing engineers. Material is presented in an easy-to-understand way and a wide range of subjects is covered in combustion and fuels. In the fourth edition material has been added related to the role of combustion in a sustainable energy future and modern open-source software has been integrated throughout.


1 Introduction 2 Combustion and Thermochemistry
3 Introduction to Mass Transfer
4 Chemical Kinetics
5 Some Important Chemical Mechanisms
6 Coupling Chemical and Thermal Analyses of Reacting Systems
7 Simplified Conservation Equations for Reacting Flows
8 Laminar Premixed Flames
9 Laminar Diffusion Flames
10 Droplet Evaporation and Burning
11 Introduction to Turbulent Flows
12 Turbulent Premixed Flames
13 Turbulent Nonpremixed Flames
14 Burning of Solids
15 Emissions
16 Detonations
17 Fuels
18 Low-Carbon-Intensity Combustion
Appendix A Selected Thermodynamic Properties of Gases Comprising C–H–O–N System
Appendix B Fuel Properties
Appendix C Selected Properties of Air, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
Appendix D Binary Diffusion Coefficients and Methodology for their Estimation
Appendix E Generalized Newton’s Method for the Solution of Nonlinear Equations
Appendix F Computer Codes for Equilibrium Products of Hydrocarbon–Air Combustion
Appendix G Atomic Weights, Physical Constants, and Conversion Factors